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Hello, Dietetic Interns!

We value your time, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

We take precepting seriously and are actively looking

for interns who do the same.  


Yes, we are currently accepting interns!

It is important to carefully read the following information about myself, my company, and the requirements of this unique dietetic internship experience.


I am the owner and founder of My School RD, a nutrition consulting company with a vision for creating nutritious and delicious lunch menus for schools. I have decades of experience working REMOTELY as a child nutrition specialist and nutritional analyst and often take my job on the road as a digital nomad, exploring and adventuring as I support schools with wellness policies, nutritional analysis, recipe development, and school district audit preparation. It requires an eye for detail and meticulous organization, but I love it! I also love mentoring and have been a preceptor for hundreds of dietetic interns over the past 15 years. In my "spare time," I run a nonprofit organization called the Nourish to Flourish Foundation, foster kittens for the animal shelter, enjoy cooking and gardening, assist with the Dietetic Internship Advisory Board for CSULB, and am a life coach, encouraging and empowering young individuals to reach their highest potential.


Did you excel in college and have an eye for detail? Is your dream to own YOUR own company and be able to travel as a dietitian? As an intern with My School RD, you will be a valued part of our team, assisting with essential tasks that districts need to succeed in school nutrition and combating childhood hunger, from recipe development & promotion, nutrient analysis, regulatory compliance & U.S. food policy, and gaining experience with what it is like to be a consultant and own a growing small business.

We provide internship rotations primarily for the following practice areas: Food Service, Community Nutrition, and Consulting, Private Practice, & Business/Entrepreneurial rotations. We do not provide nutrition therapy or individual counseling.

A typical work week is Mon-Thurs 8 am-5 pm (PST), with a 40-hour-per-week option with independent work and projects on Fridays. We meet at least once daily on Zoom to review projects and answer questions and will attend several webinars & meetings a week. Many tasks and projects can be completed independently with additional customized video instructions and resources, but we often jump on zoom for additional guidance and support. 

Schedule-wise and experientially, our days will be normal, as if you are in a school district office, but you will be in the comfort of your own home. I like to start the day with a nice cup of coffee and my favorite candle. Hey, why not? ;-)

So be ready to learn- dietetic interns say they have learned more with our company than most of their other rotations! We value your time, knowledge, skills, and abilities. We take precepting seriously and are looking for interns who do the same, so we offer a $500 stipend and letter of recommendation after successfully completing your rotation and a minimum of 160 hours with My School RD.



- Great communicator in writing (English spelling and grammar are very important to our teachers & administration in schools).
- Strong computer skills and remote-work setup (reliable, fast internet, a private device, and workspace, fast typer, comfortable navigating programs like Zoom, Word, Canva, etc.).
- Not easily offended
- Go-getter attitude
- Extremely reliable
- Extremely detail-oriented
- Positive and respectful, with a no-excuses work ethic

I can't stress this enough - due to the remote nature of this rotation, it is essential that interns have an updated primary computer with solid internet and a quiet place to work uninterrupted. The computer must be a PC or Mac, it must have the ability to Zoom, install/utilize menu planning software, and perform other functions. NO tablets, Chromebooks, or similar devices unless used as a secondary/adjunct computer.

To clarify this (based on challenges that previous interns have faced): NO computers that are not updated ("I haven't run the security updates, so my computer won't let me use that software.") NO using a shared computer ("my partner is working from home today and wants to use their computer, so I don't have one" or "my partner wanted their computer back and closed and rearranged our project files, so I can't find anything now") NO working in your car or other places where the internet is unreliable  ("my internet is a little spotty today, excuse me for cutting out," or "I can't take notes, I'm driving," "I'm house sitting for the next week and I didn't realize that the internet would be so bad")


Okay, we got that out of the way, so here's some info about MY SCHOOL RD and my wonderful My School RD Team:
- We are nutritionists who assist schools in creating strong school wellness policies.
- We assist school districts in making school lunches healthier through nutrient analysis and recipe development.
- We are passionate about wellness and equal opportunity for all; our clients (the schools) are, too.
- We work remotely with schools throughout the United States and are located throughout the United States, too.
- We have a fast-paced work environment.
- We are loyal to our employees and interns and treat them respectfully, committed to each other's success.
- For more information about My School RD, here's our website ( if you want to check us out!

NEXT STEPS: If you think we're a match, please submit this Google Form. Under most circumstances, we will be in touch within seven business days of your submission.

Wishing you the best of luck in your journey toward being a Registered Dietitian!


Melissa Manning, RD

Owner & Founder, My School RD

"Making school lunches easy, healthy, affordable, and compliant"

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