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Training & Guidance


KIT FUND Training Services
One on One Training
Group Training
In-Person Training
Custom Creation of Training Videos For Your Staff, Your Menus, Your Production Sheets, Your Specific Needs


  • Food preparation and culinary skills

  • Food safety

  • Recipe standardization

  • Scratch cooking

  • Healthy food marketing

  • Healthy beverage marketing

  • Incorporating plant-based menu options

  • Equipment training

  • Farm to School or locally sourced foods

  • Changing the school lunchroom environment and Smarter Lunchroom trainings

  • Food waste management and reduction

  • Student engagement in school meals and food environment design

  • Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change strategies to promote healthy food

  • How school wellness policies can promote healthy foods

  • Menu planning for healthy food promotion and compliance with the Child Nutrition Program meal patterns

  • Hosting a healthy food taste testing event

  • Conducting nutrition education and healthy food promotion activities

  • Promoting equity in the school lunch environment

One-On-One Training Services:

  • Zoom Training

  • On-site Training 

  • Get one-on-one tips, tricks, and tools from an expert - Melissa is a Registered Dietitian with 23 years of experience in menu planning and training.

We'd like to hear what your needs are. Contact Melissa for a
a 30-minute consultation.

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